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Why did you choose Movavi?
Why did you choose Movavi?

Why have you chosen the Movavi software? We would be happy to receive feedback from you.

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An actor (-writer-director-producer) friend of mine suggested it. As we can no longer use a Betamax/VCR to record the TV shows &/or movies we work on/in, we can DVR or use a streaming service to screen record from...which makes Movavi the best solution! Here's a snip of my son's work on Station 19 I was able to screen record and edit today!
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creating videos is my passion
i was looking for 'special effects' that i can easily add to my videos, working on learning how to do that ;)

plus wanted a high quality video editing software app that is simple to use.
Thomas Navarro
SCGD/Inter-Media/Multi-Media\Dios Te Bendiga
I chose Movavi because I had tried it about a yr ago and was like ok I like this. lol Then this year 2022 opened some door ways for me so I thought I would get more in depth with it and I am really blown away! I am impressed so far and look forward to the future of Movia.....Gracias