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Movavi Helps
Movavi Helps

We provide our subscribers with interesting tutorials on what your camera can really do, video production theory and terms, and how you can recreate awesome effects and filming methods from iconic movies and music videos. 

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Mike Rosales
Designpreneur at Mrdzyn Studio
anyone had successfully used virtual camera software like xsplit to work with the screen recorder?
A gaming Youtuber and Twitch content creator.
Did anyone else get the latest version for the movavi video editor plus 2022 roughly 2 weeks ago it came out for me and is now having issues with their audio files now not working on both new and existing projects?

I'm currently in conversation with movavi over on Twitter to resolve the issue but I was wondering if anyone else was either having the same issue or a different one that I should also be aware of?
It's the 22.3.0 version
Hi All!
New to the Movavi Community here!

I am looking for fellow gamer/streamer content creators that also use Movavi to edit their clips and content. I have some questions about webcam cropping for social media reels etc

I am learning as I go along and if I can help you to, then that's a win win!

If this is you, please say Hi! :)