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Your requests

Here you can vote or request for improving or developing a tool in Movavi Video Suite.

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The convertion function would be awesome if it converted mkv and avi files into NTSC dvd format that is easily burned using Clone DVD2, Nero, or other programs. This would require all the files and not just a single VOB file.
support for ubuntu, please
The audio editing function for the movavi video suite 2022 software can be improved to remove all the background noises and retaining the voice recording of the person only, or wind noises only and retaining the background noise and the voice recording of a person from audio/video clip taken during outdoors. I find it a challenge when doing the audio editing of audio/video file taken during outdoors. Hopefully this issue can be fixed over time or there is solution but i might not be good at audio editing if that is the case and if there is some guide on... (More)
Alan D
Just an enthusiastic amateur
The linked track symbols: When I started using Movavi Video Editor, I was, for a while, completely baffled by the linked tracks. Now this was silly of me becuase I've used the feature in other video editors and know what the concept is, but it wasn't until I'd watched a youtube video and seen someone using the linkage button that I realised where I was going wrong. I can see from this forum that this seems to be a recurring problem for people starting with moviavi. I think the problem is that the icon you use (-) is not at... (More)